About Northeast Cornerstone TV

NECTV's Mission is to present a Christian witness to the people of northeast India & beyond, through the gospel, music, missions, local programming, relevant news, and social issues.

Partner with NECTV:

We look forward to collaborating or partnering with Churches, Associations, & organizations of Nagaland & NEI to broadcast all relevant NE India Christian TV content. A Christian TV ministry in English for north east India. Later this new channel could have 70 % English and other regional NE language programming.

Northeast India's total population ( 8 sister states combined) is approximately 40 million (2011 census of India).

About Highland Dawn Media:

Highland Dawn Media was started initially as a youth media ministry in 2000. Since then, HDM has broadcast TV programs in nearly 7 TV channels across NE India & the world. Presently through HDM TV programs we present the Christian witness, music, and culture of Nagaland and NE India.

We have a mixed media strategy to reach out to people of NE India and beyond, through TV, Radio, and internet media sites. Our services website is www.hidawnmedia.com, here we have information about our online ministry "Nagaland Christan Radio" and other TV programs on Doordarshan and the internet.